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Betting Tips

Betting Market Tactics I - The Bet Lay

 Have you ever wanted a free bet on something? Betting markets offer that opportunity

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The importance of shopping around

 It is important to shop around for the best odds and lines

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Covers Experts

 Covers offer a daily free pick, and a money back guarantee on all of their premium picks

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Give Yourself Props

 Know who`s winning tonight? Props can be used to give you much better odds

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 Sports betting has its own language, this article will hopefully explain most of the important words

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The Kelly Criteria

 No, it`s not a spy movie. The Kelly criteria tells you what your optimum size of bet is.

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Mike Lineback/baseball

 Sometimes flying under the radar is just dandy as far as Profesional Handicappers League All-Around standings leader -- by a large margin -- Mike Lineback is concerned

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8 Golden Rules for Betting on Horses

 I have listed here the 8 Golden Rules you should look out for when judging how good a particular horse will fair in the race you are going to bet on

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Early Season Baseball Betting

 After more than five months off, the first pitch of the new aseball season is nearly here and bettors are getting ready

Read the full article by Matt Fargo

How To Bet Hockey

 A basic guide to betting hockey

Read the full article by Max Gundlach

What to Watch for in 2007

 Here are some things to watch for in the 2007 MLB season

Read the full article by Jeff Alexander

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