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Written by Jeff Alexander
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Here are some things to watch for in the 2007 MLB season
If you bet on baseball, you are more than likely a baseball fan. I'm sure there are just some opportunists out there, but this one is for the fans. While we're cashing in on the MLB season, we should also take some time to admire the milestones and intriguing stories along the way. Here are some things to watch for in 2007.

I have to start with Barry Bonds' pursuit of Hammerin' Hanks home run record. Although illegal substance controversies have tarnished Barry's run, feel privileged that you could witness history this year. Bonds isn't a media darling by any means, but he is undoubtedly one of the greats. You can argue that many great players were not without their controversies, but with time this all fades and we remember how great the player was. Ty Cobb was a notorious villain, but mostly knows as one of the game's all-time greats. You may not know that Bonds will pass Cobb for sixth on the all-time list in RBIs with just eight this season, and 66 will get him into the fourth spot past Lou Gehrig.

Besides Bonds' power pursuit, Houston's Craig Biggio can join the 3,000 hit club with 70 more base knocks. Bonds is the next closes member to joining the elite 3,000 hit club with 26 current members. Barry is 159 hits away, but he hasn't had that many hits in a season in nine years. Just to show you how elite of company this is, the next closest is 48-year-old Julio Franco with 2,566. 42-year-old Steve Finley has 2,531, and Omar Vizquel, Ken Griffey Junior, and Gary Sheffield are next on the list. I don't think any of these guys have a serious shot. Look for Derek Jeter ,who will need 850 more hits, to be the next 3,000 hit guy after Biggio.

What about pitching milestones? Tom Glavine entered the 2007 MLB season just 10 wins shy of 300 wins to join his former Braves teammate Greg Maddux on the elite list. This should be no problem on a loaded New York team. With only 22 current members, this list is even more elite than the 3,000 hit list. The Big Unit, Randy Johnson, goes back to Arizona for a crack at the milestone needing 20 wins entering the season. Next season Randy.

Staying with pitching, as the All-Star break approaches, we'll start to wonder where The Rocket is going to land. He is the winningest pitcher in the history of the game with 348 wins, but with his half-season vacations, Maddux continues to inch closer with 333 wins. Clemens is nearly four years older than Maddux who has found himself a home in a great pitcher's park. Could be the little change-up thrower instead of the big Rocket on the top of the list when it's all said and done. Clemens' second all-time strikeout total isn't safe either with Randy Johnson just 60 away. Second is the best any pitcher can do as no one is catching Nolan Ryan who is 1,110 strikeouts in front of Clemens.

Well, that should keep us busy on both sides of the coin this season which will be one you shouldn't soon forget.

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