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Sportsbooks & The Odds: Who Wins?

Written by May Alexander
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Feel like the house always wins? Think again. Online sportsbooks provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the game in a whole new light.
Betting on sports is an exciting option that is available online, with secure protection. The bigger question usually is, can you beat the odds? The answer: Absolutely. Sure, the guys (and girls) who created the algorithms know exactly what they are doing.

There is a very good reason that a half point is added to some spreads, and why the over and under numbers are nearly dead on at the end of the game: These people are good at what they do. However, every competitive sport, and the people who play for their respective teams – whether it is NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or even Golf, Soccer and Rugby – have the opportunity to defy the odds every time they take the field, court, course or pitch.

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