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888 Sports & The 88th Minute Special

Carlos Daniel


888 Sport [read review]

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Soccer is the planet's most popular sport. The level of competition on the game's major stages is excellent and the fans of the sport are incredibly enthusiastic. As with most sports, people can bet on soccer games through the 888 Sport [read review] website.

888 Sport [read review] is known for offering some great sportsbook promotion opportunities. One of the most popular promotions going on now is the 88th Minute Special. Those familiar with the sport of soccer know how crucial late scores can be. When the wrong team wins, however, late scores can be devastating.

The 88th Minute Special lets bettors protect themselves against late scores by offering a $50 bonus for games in which the bettor loses after the 88th minute. This way, people placing bets can have some insurance if their teams have a lapse in defense during the late stages of a match. Although most bettors would prefer to have their teams win, the 88th Minute Special allows them to taste a bit of victory, even in defeat.

88th minute

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