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Boring Draw? Get Your Money Back

Carlos Daniel


Titan Bet [read review]

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Titan Bet [read review] has a great new promotion for fans of Spanish football! Get your bet refunded with any of these Cashback offers:

Bore Draw: The most common result of any La Liga match is a 0-0 draw. Designated bets will be refunded if the games ends 0-0!

Last Gasp: Designated bets will be refunded if deciding goal is scored in injury time.

Home Turn: Designated bets will be refunded if the home team are winning at half and then lose the game

Flashback: Designated bets will be refunded if a specified event or result from a previous fixture between the two sides occurs again.

Player Specials: Cashbacks based on the performance of individual players.

Extra Special: Specified live bets will be refunded if the games goes into extra time.

Cashback Champion: All outright bets for the winner of a particular tournament will be refunded if the nominated Cashback Champion wins the tournament.

Register at Titan Bet [read review] to participate!
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